Friday, September 16, 2016

Moxam Mountain 9/11/16

I've been reading about the new trail to Moxam Mountain for years and now that we're looking for slightly shorter hikes to do as a family it was the perfect time to explore. With the turn in weather towards cooler days both J and I caught the hiking bug again. We left Albany when it was time for Hunter's nap and pulled in to the trail head mid-morning. I've really loved exploring the Catskills but my heart feels most at home on an Adirondack trail. The trees, the smells and crisp morning air had myself and the whole family beaming from ear to ear as we made our way along the trail.

The first leg is a moderate climb up onto a small bump before climbing the summit ridge. We chatted, riding our morning caffeine high. It made me so happy to be in the Adirondacks with my whole family (sorry Koda, we just aren't ready to do the dog and baby thing). After 10-15 minutes of effort we were taking in the first of many stunning views.

After the series of overlooks the trail makes its way down to a marshy area and crosses a brook or two before it begins to ascend the ridge. This trail visits many different types of forest and gives a really nice sampling of all the Adirondacks have to offer. Some sizable glacial erratics dotted the hillside and added to the variety of scenery. Once on the ridge some moderate effort of climbing would yield view after stunning view. Reading about views of Gore Mountain was one of the things that brought me here and you could see it almost the whole time which was awesome. It was fun to chat with J about our many awesome days skiing those trails. The terrain was varied and fun, challenging but in the good way. Without too much toil we found ourselves at the famed viewing spot of the main rocky summit. It did not disappoint! What an impressive sight!

We loved the views down to the beaver meadows and the endless stretch of peaks off into the distance. The final climb up to the summit had many views to the south and west and filtered views to the north. I imagine with a bit of exploring you could find some views north to the high peaks. It's nice to have future explorations in mind. On the summit it was quite windy but we found a nice wind break below to enjoy lunch. We ate, Hunter ate (including sticks) and we soaked in the views on a perfect September day. It was so funny to watch Hunter explore the summit. We have a feeling he's going to be a climber!

Having Hunter with us makes me so happy. I know he isn't quite taking in or processing everything but I feel certain that something is happening and that it's positive. He's spent far more time outside than in front of screens and we are going to work to keep it that way. When we are out in the world, I just see such peace and calm come over him, especially in the woods. The forest has the same effect on me. I hope that he will continue to enjoy it as he gets older.

On our way down, the inevitable happened...Hunter passed out in the pack. I can't believe he can rest in that position but I won't begrudge him the rest after all that stimulation. It's pretty darned cute too. We made great time down the gradual ascent and Hunter started waking up as we got closer to the car. We gave him another snack and started our drive home still so inspired by our day, planning our next trip out. The weather is only going to get nicer and the leaves will start to change. Fall is coming!


  1. Love when Hunter joins you. It brings back so many memories of when I carried my own kids (now 36 & 32) in the old front carrier. Mine would fall asleep whenever I took them xc skiing so I understand your comments.

    That's all for now. Take care and until next well.

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