Friday, April 26, 2013


I believe that every single person, and at any age, can change.
Any day you can choose to do what's right at the juncture. Not give in to weakness.
The right choice for your physical and mental health which is really all one thing.
The right choice for your friends and family.
The right choice for the greater good.
The heath of the world.

Really.....none of these things are separate but are just different parts of the same organism.
Making the right choice feels effortless and empowering.
It glides into being.....  the wrong choice twists my guts and makes me sweat. It might be similar or different for you.

Each right choice makes you lighter and freer for the next good choice. It begets the next good choice.
Makes the right choices and more visible, more clear and obvious.
It also makes the occasional wrong choice less devastating.
This is a positive feedback loop.

The negative feedback loop can be equally consuming and seems to be at times the primary sickness in humanity in our current society and earth in disharmony.
Depression, guilt, laziness, defensiveness, pride, arrogance and insecurity all keep us down, traveling down the spiral, away from the light.
We treat people badly, not caring about how they feel. It doesn't matter.
We treat ourselves badly, we are ugly, weak and not worth loving. It doesn't matter
We are unable to exist as a force of good within the greater organism.
We pollute the world, our mind and our bodies.
We poison ourselves, our friends and our families.
because it doesn't matter.

but it does matter!!!!
because here is that opportunity!
To decide right now in some small way to do what's right and follow through with it.
To treat yourself, the people of this world and the world itself with the respect that these things deserve.
For the breath-taking feat of making it to this point. All the times where the world could've been destroyed, or all the people killed each other, when you could've died or given up.
You didn't and you're here. The world didn't and its here. The people aren't and they're here.
So to pay tribute and stand in awe of this giant, shimmering interconnected world of our bodies, minds and spirits, and the earth.
to fulfill our responsibility as an integral and important part of this organism,
make the right choice today.

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