Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dial "M" for Nippletop 5/21/11

So we got a little drunk the night before...

It rained in the morning

which slowed to a drizzle as we reach the gate.

Trilium are part of the first wave of spring flowers.

Bright fresh green on the ground and in the trees

The clouds begin to blow off...

Just in time for lunch

ADK Green

We moved through many different types of forest

and saw many different forms of life

There was still snow on the ridge

One more bump to go

we emerge from the tree line

trying not to fall down

Nippletop Summit

We descend a steep trail to Elk Pass.

following wooden plank-ways over swampy ground


and so it glows

need some spring in my step. Miles to go...

Gill Brook is an endless string of beautiful cascades

After many hours and miles, we return to the lake road

With Giant there to greet us upon our return

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