Friday, January 7, 2011

The Northville-Placid Trail

The following dated entries, in reverse order (as blogs go), chronicles the thru-hike of the Northville-Placid trail that my special-lady-friend Jeanette and I did in August of 2010. We kept journals on this trip and wrote in them after each day of hiking. I took mine and elaborated on it, including memories and recollections I didn't record at the time. It was very enjoyable to go back and relive this trip via this blog, cementing parts more deeply in my memory and commiting others they may have simply slipped away.

Go there! Be in the woods!!!! Obssess over the guidebook for months. Go to!!!!
This website is totally on point and awesome. Jeanette and I have remarked many times that it would have cut our planning and worry time in half if this resource had been up and running during the planning phase of our trip.

To my friends: if any of these places intrigue you, just ask and Jeanette and I would love to take you there!

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