Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greatest Hits

      I wanted to share some favorite pics and memories of hiking from the past few years as my excitement builds for our upcoming thru-hike of the Northville Placid trail. Around this time last year Jeanette and I were falling deeply in love......with hiking and backpacking. We shook hands and decided we would hike the trail  the next summer. I'm not sure if either of us really believed we would follow through with what, at the time, was still a bit out of our league. Jeanette bought the trail guide,we went on with our hiking, camping and falling in love.

     So here we are, mere days away from our wander through the adirondack wilderness. If it weren't for some of the incredible times we've had exploring that I'd like to share with you, this dream would not have ripened so sweetly. Be safe out there and keep love and appreciation for all of these wonders as your center. Kieran Murphy rule in full effect.

The Tetons from Grand Targhee. Can't wait to go west again
One of Jeanette's amazing shots from the summit of Gothics. Possibly one of my favorite hikes...ever.

Rattlesnakes on Alander Mountain. This Mountain also includes a summit cabin and fields of blubes (blueberries DUH).
Giant Mountain has a nubble and a washbowl...and a bad-ass waterfall

A beautiful night spent camping on the AT. A chance meeting with some thru-hikers= much needed inspiration just when we needed it the most.
Bear Mountain Bridge as seen from Anthony's Nose. Some amazing hikes around Peekskill

My First look at Algonquin and the Mac range. Some say this idol still wanders Phelps Brook Valley...

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